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What are people saying?

“…why would I want to do that?”

When I was approached to hire a new Pest Control company I asked myself ‘why would I want to do that’? I had been satisfied with the company I already had in place. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC. convinced me that they could provide superior service. Until they started service, I believed that flies in my office were part of owning a seafood company. It is amazing to go from an occasional pest problem with flies to a zero pest problem. I couldn’t be happier. With years of pest control experience they were able to identify the specific areas of my facility that needed to be protected with insect lights….problem solved! One of the key elements that I as a business owner appreciate is their use a bar code and scanning system for each of their devices that track pest activity. Each device must be scanned to produce reports. Gone are the days of ‘ghost servicing’ my operation. It’s good to know that I am actually receiving services that I pay for.

Sal Ingrande, President, Harbor Blue Seafoods, Inc.