Welcome to our Refer-A-Friend program!

If you are viewing this page that means you decided to not only help yourself, but help a friend receive some excellent savings!

Here is how our program works:

If you already have or are going to start a Quarterly Home Protection Plan, you can save $25 for every friend you refer that enrolls in this plan. When your friend enrolls, they will also receive $25 off!  If you sign up enough friends you could get your Quarterly Home Protection Plan  for FREE! Any friends you enrolled beyond the total cost of the Quarterly Home Protection Plan we will credit your account for the following year!

Here is what you need to do:

Spread the word and get your friends to enjoy the benefits of our Quarterly Home Protection Plan and SAVE!

Here is what your friends need to do:

Call us to install their Quarterly Home Protection Plan, give us your name,  and SAVE!

Here is what you and your friends need to do:

Sit back relax and enjoy the savings,  peace of mind and great service for you and your homes.

If you or any you else has questions, or would like to apply for the Refer-A-Friend Program, please give us a call at 888.776.0444 or contact us here!