Business Program
If you own or operate a business that does not house or serve food such as a doctors office or an administration building, a quarterly pest prevention program would be the most appropriate course of action. Much like our home protection plan, quarterly visits combat pests before they enter your establishment.

Property Management
Multi-residential pest control can be one of the biggest challenges property managers face. Building an effective, economical program requires attention to detail and honest conversations. Don’t let an infestation run rampant throughout the entire premises.

Hospitality Program
Designed for hotels, we use bed bug sniffing dogs and a data collection system to build a site specific program that will make sense to you while meeting corporate requirements

Health-care Program
Everybody is familiar with the sterile environment required to perform surgery. Imagine the fallout should a fly gain access to an operating room. Bee sting allergies should be a major concern in facilities that allow and encourage resident patients to enjoy time outdoors. Limited mobility and an unchecked bee population are a recipe for an anaphylactic shock incident.

Educational Institutions
Child Protection Act. IT IS THE LAW

Section 10C.
Any person who operates a school age child care program or a day care center as defined in section 2 of chapter 132B, shall comply with the requirements regarding pesticide applications as set forth in sections 6C to 6I, inclusive, of said chapter 132B.

Child Protection Act Full Text Link

We prepare and register your program for you.

Attention Builders!!

Demolition Rodent Program

Several communities throughout New England require rodents to be controlled prior to demolition of an existing structure. Permits must be obtained and documentation provided indicating any pre-existing infestation has been addressed. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC will assist you with permit filing and provide a written report following extermination. Contact us if you need any additional information on community specific requirements. We are happy to help!

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