‘why would I want to do that’?

When I was approached to hire a new Pest Control company I asked myself ‘why would I want to do that’? I had been satisfied with the company I already had in place. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC. convinced me that they could provide superior service. Until they started service, I believed that flies in my office were part of owning a seafood company. It is amazing to go from an occasional pest problem with flies to a zero pest problem. I couldn’t be happier. With years of pest control experience they were able to identify the specific areas of my facility that needed to be protected with insect lights….problem solved! One of the key elements that I as a business owner appreciate is their use a bar code and scanning system for each of their devices that track pest activity. Each device must be scanned to produce reports. Gone are the days of ‘ghost servicing’ my operation. It’s good to know that I am actually receiving services that I pay for.

Sal Ingrande, President Harbor Blue Seafoods, Inc. March 23, 2016

“I have tried a few other local pest control companies…”

I own a 3 family house in New Bedford MA. My daughters and wife occupy the entire home. In the past 2 years I have seen cockroaches every day. I have tried a few other local pest control companies and they sometimes make the situation a little better for a few weeks but, the problem returns. My family should not have to live with this issue. Where I work they have a proactive high tech pest control company. The technician who does the service there gave me tips and took the time to talk to me. He tried to help me verbally but told me to call if I needed help. I did not think I could afford his services. After seeing him a few times he explained that because I work at one of his commercial facilities he would look at my home with no inspection fee. I am glad he did. After he looked at my home he put a program together that would fit my budget and guaranteed his work for 6 months. It has been 5 months since my first service and I am happy to say my family has not seen any cockroaches in 4 months. Thank you Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC.

Jose New Bedford, MA March 23, 2016

“The level of service at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Pest Services…”

The level of service at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Pest Services is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and the extreme attention to detail. Finding a local business that can be so personable was a true find. Both our goals have been to keep the restaurant as clean as possible. This goal could not be reached without your in-depth monthly reviews. Thank you so much Andrew it is a pleasure doing business with you both!

Fathoms Bar & Grill New Bedford, Ma March 23, 2016

“We appreciate his conservative approach…”

Andrew Sievers of Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Pest Control Division has developed and serviced an Integrated Pest Management Plan for our facilities. We appreciate his conservative approach that maximizes results with minimum intervention and impact. Andrew always works with us to find the best solution and keeps us informed and educated. He takes his job seriously and is the ultimate professional.

Susan Smith Edgewood Bog,s LLC March 23, 2016

“My intention was to simply renovate…”

I contacted Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC because the facility we had purchased to process food in was completely infested with rodents. My intention was to simply renovate the existing structure but discovered an unchecked rodent problem that had been allowed to continue for a number of years by the previous owner had caused significant substructure damage. I couldn’t believe what we found when the interior walls started to come down. Mice and rat droppings were everywhere, tunnels in the insulation, wood and wires chewed. In the end we had to rebuild the entire interior of the building. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t send mice and rats scurrying throughout the neighborhood when we began demolition and knew we needed a professional to handle this job. The people at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC stepped in and eliminated the rodents in a snap! We were able to rebuild and opened our doors in a newly renovated, clean, rodent free environment. I kept Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC on the job following the cleanup to develop and maintain a program that protects us from never having pest issues again. Thanks for all of your help Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC!

Cathy, Food Plant Fairhaven, MA March 23, 2016

“…outstanding job…”

My name is Glenn and I am a resident in the New Bedford area. I would like to personally thank the workers at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Pest Services for an outstanding job in regards to getting rid of a very frustrating Bed Bug problem. Well Done! The team came in on several occasions and I haven’t seen a bug since. Once again, myself and my family want to thank the technicians, staff and everyone at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC.

Glene New Bedford, MA March 23, 2016

“I am a big fan…”

I am a big fan of your Quarterly Program. My husband and I have been using your services for almost 2 years. We no longer have mice sightings anymore. Your service technician always communicates when he is coming and tells me little things that I can do to keep the bugs out. We are a loyal fan.

Kelly Mattapoisett, MA March 23, 2016

“…trucks look very professional…”

I called the folks at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Pest services because I have seen their trucks in New Bedford. The trucks look very professional so I called them. I took a quote from them and 2 other companies. They were not the cheapest but, they were the only company that recommended more than one service. I did my home work on this matter and I was not comfortable with one treatment. I needed this problem to go away for good. It has been over a year now and my tenant is happy, so am I. Please thank your staff.

Randy New Bedford, MA March 23, 2016

“I recently purchased a new production facility…”

I recently purchased a new production facility to process fish in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC was involved with the transaction from pre-purchase to permitting. I felt confident moving forward with the acquisition following an inspection of the new property by their consulting and pest control departments. Once we closed on the building, Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC’s presence was instrumental in assisting with renovation recommendations, equipment layout, HACCP plan development, licensing applications and pest services. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC attended the initial inspection acting on my behalf. My permit was issued without incident. I’m proud to say that we are up and running in the new building. I owe a debt of gratitude to the people at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC for their prompt, courteous, and professional service.

Jack Flynn, President Mariner Seafood, LLC March 23, 2016

“We found ourselves in a tough position…”

I would like to thank everyone at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC for doing a job well beyond anything I could have imagined. I work at a nursing home in Northern Massachusetts. We found ourselves in a tough position due to many issues. Turnover, budgeting, mismanagement of outside vendors, the list goes on. We were audited and did poorly in the pest control area, so poorly the manager that was overseeing this program was let go. I called Andrew and his team at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC at 6pm on a Wednesday and told him what was going on. His team was there at 7am on Thursday. They installed a program that was more extensive than we had before and also saved us a bit of money. They were back on Friday and met with our corporate director to explain the corrective actions. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC followed up many times until we had no pest concerns. It has been more than eight months now. Thank you Andrew, Justin and the whole staff at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC. You have my loyalty.

Bruce Northern Massachusetts March 23, 2016