Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Audit

Moving towards a GAP Audit? Our food safety consultants understand the unique challenges that your farm may face.  We are able to outline a Good Agricultural Practices food safety program specifically tailored to your farm.

Our techniques include:

  • Farm Review
  • Field harvesting and field packing
  • Onsite Packing Facility
  • Storage and Transportation
  • Traceability and Recall Procedures
  • Representation at USDA Third Party Audits
  • Periodic Record Reviews
  • Employee Training
  • and more…

A self monitoring system know as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations have already been adopted by many food processing industries. HACCP outlines a system to ensure you are producing food in a safe and sanitary manner. Produce appears to be next in line for these mandatory regulations. Farms and growers should consider being ahead of the curve with regard to the pending regulations.

Global Good Agricultural Practices

Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC can assist your operation with the more comprehensive Global Good Agricultural Standards which are recognized around the world. We will create a set of guidelines that will bring your agricultural business into full compliance. Certification of your agricultural production process include aquaculture, plant propagation, feed, livestock and produce production.