Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


HACCP was conceived by Pillsbury and NASA as a means to prevent food-borne illness for astronauts in the space program. HACCP was designed as a self monitoring system focusing on prevention rather than reaction. The program is formulated to identify potential hazards, determine if any are “critical” in nature, define the best way and location to control them, set an acceptable limit that must not be exceeded, monitor that point, and take corrective action when limits have fallen out of compliance. Additionally, the system needs to be validated and verified to ensure it is meeting acceptable standards during and after development. In December of 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was given regulatory enforcement authority over seafood manufacturing. U.S. Food and Drug regulators adopted HACCP principals designed by the space program and applied them to the seafood industry. Since that time dairy and juice industries have also fallen under HACCP based regulation.

Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC Expertise
David Donnelly, CEO at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC, was involved in the seafood HACCP pilot program during its developmental phase of in the early 1990’s. A former Federal Seafood inspector, Mr. Donnelly brings knowledge and experience with HACCP based systems that most other consulting firms simply cannot.

Systems designed, implemented, monitored, updated, and employee training provided

We will create a system that works! Firms often design a HACCP program that is cumbersome, too restrictive and ultimately result in too much documentation. A streamlined system can minimize costs that still meets regulatory demands. Even if you currently have a HACCP program it continues to evolve and requires periodic updates. We’ll keep your system up-to-date with all the new changes.

Services include:

  • Initial HACCP plan development.
  • Employee Training
  • Recall & Customer Complaint Procedures
  • Periodic Record Review
  • Internal Plant Sanitation Inspection & Reports
  • HACCP Plan Modifications/Updates
  • Quarterly Internal Verifiaction Audits
  • Plan Development for Placement on the European Union’s Approved Shippers List
  • Representation during Regulatory Inspections
  • And More…

Review Current HACCP Programs

Perhaps you already have a HACCP system in place. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC can review your current program for its compliance and effectiveness.

Are these items a part of your system?

  • Organizational Charts and Narrative
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures
  • Applicable HACCP Plans
  • Applicable Records
  • Recall and Customer Complaint Procedures
  • And More…