Food Safety

Food Safety Consulting

Third Party Audits:
Let’s face it, the primary reason for subjecting your business to an independent 3rd party audit is based on customer driven requirements. Several providers are recognized as certifying entities. Your business is measured against standards they have created, pass or fail they get paid. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC has built its reputation based on preparing businesses to meet or exceed these certification audit standards. We’re in your corner, sitting across the table from certification auditors acting on your company’s behalf. Higher audit results are testament to our success.. Verification of your system through internal review and inspection will ensure your products are compliant throughout the entire chain of custody. Successful audits provide you with the opportunity for an upscale customer base and ultimately increased profitability.

Dealing with regulations head-on and implementing standards that are user friendly, up-to-date, and compliant will minimize the risk of re-inspection. New Federal regulations have given agencies the ability to issue fees payable when re-inspection is required as well as failed State inspections may lead to suspension of licensing. Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC’s Food Safety programs are defined by steering companies towards compliance without production-crippling red tape.

Northeast Pro-Con Solutions, LLC can walk you through the confusion generally associated with obtaining a permit to operate a food facility.

Building a new facility or upgrading your current location can be stressful. We can review blueprints and drawings, oversee construction concerns in real time from a food safety point of view. Make sure you are fulfilling regulatory requirements before money is spent not complying with the law.