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Since Bed Bugs landed in Boston over 15 years ago our Director of Services, Andrew Sievers has been providing Bed Bugs removal services. Pro-Con is now a leader in Eastern Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island when it comes to bed bug removal treatments. We have treated airplanes, cruise ships, movie theaters, apartments and homes. What separates us from other companies is empathy, customer service and attention to detail. This is the most difficult pest control issue facing our country right now. Actions you take the moment you discover this pest issue can either make a successful treatment at a reasonable price or create a difficult issue and be costly. Also note that there is no inspection fee for bed bugs, as stated above empathy is needed. We understand what you are going through and do not want you to make a mistake and accrue further expense. Let us help, it costs you nothing but a phone call. Bed Bug calls are handled immediately, we will not make you wait.
DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF: This is an issue that should never be tackled by a homeowner. Buying over the counter foggers can create insects that will be resistant to chemicals when you finally bring in professional. They are also dangerous and explosive. Fogging is a technique that pest control companies use to make bed bugs move through residuals more than actually kill them on contact. Buying sprays and oils online can be expensive and do not work. Throwing away furniture and beds makes it hard for a pest control company to inspect in order to determine the level of infestation thus, companies may charge a higher rate.
There is so much false information on the internet, it can be confusing as to what you should really do. Talk to a professional, face to face. Pro-Con Pest Services has no inspection fee for Bed Bug calls. Invite us over before you do anything and get a real picture as to what has to be done to return your home to you. Don’t panic and don’t rush to make a decision, just call us…

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