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ServSafe® Manager Certification Training Course

ServSafe® Manager Certification Training Course Northeast Pro-Con Solutions now proudly offers the ServSafe® Manager Certification Training Course, an accredited food safety certification program developed by the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. We are also offering the ServSafe® Food Handler Course and the ServSafe® Alcohol Course. Our Accredited Instructors offer the program locally to [...]

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Pro-Con Pest Services is now in New Hampshire

Northeast Pro-Con Solutions buys Four Seasons Pest Control Pro-Con Pest Services is now in New Hampshire.  On June 1st Bryan Archambault owner of Four Seasons Pest Control in New Hampshire sold his company to Pro-Con Pest Services.  Bryan stated that he enjoyed meeting and servicing clients more than billing and conducting day to day operations [...]

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Pest Control Company Mattapoisett MA

Pest Control Company Mattapoisett MA Looking for a pest control company Mattapoisett MA?  Then look no further. Here at Northeast Pro-Con Solutions we make customer service and satisfaction our number one priority. We use the latest technology to ensure the safety of your family and our planet. Our goal is to satisfy you completely in order to receive [...]

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Cockroach Treatments

Cockroach Treatments The German Cockroach is very successful at establishing in buildings. Cockroach treatments can be difficult. This cockroach is also smaller than many other species, so it can more easily hide and fit into very small cracks and crevices to evade humans. That is also the main reason they can most effectively be controlled [...]

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Bug Removal Services

Bed Bug Removal Services No high pressure sales, No inspection fee. Call Pro-Con 888-776-0444! Get the facts face to face. Since Bed Bugs landed in Boston over 15 years ago our Director of Services, Andrew Sievers has been providing Bed Bugs removal services. Pro-Con is now a leader in Eastern Massachusetts and all of Rhode [...]

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  • Quarterly Home Protection Plan

Moving on up!

We have recently done a major overhaul of our website! We are in the process of tweaking a few things here and there so please bare with us. As a cool added bonus we now have FB integration with our site so however you want to interact with us, IT'S POSSIBLE! We are very excited [...]

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